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Ouwe™ Toothbrush Holder & Bathroom Space Saver

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Does your bathroom spark Joy?✨ Here's an instant hack to transform your bathroom into a space of serenity and inspiration. Ouwe™, the all new bathroom organization, declutter your bathroom counter top and free up so much space that you can have an...



Why Sloors Love it

Does your bathroom spark Joy?✨ Here's an instant hack to transform your bathroom into a space of serenity and inspiration.

wall mounted toothbrush holder

Ouwe™, the all new bathroom organization, declutter your bathroom counter top and free up so much space that you can have an extremely organised bathroom. As simple as it sounds, read on to find out life changing it could be for many of our customers.

wall mounted toothbrush holder, kids

Perfect for kids: Are your kids always squeezing too much or make a mess with the toothpaste? With this, Kids can finally squeeze toothpaste themselves without waste and save you a lot of frustration!

wall mounted toothbrush holder

Auto toothpaste dispenser: Simply push your toothbrush in and it will squeeze out the perfect amount each time and prevent waste of toothpaste. Every little counts; we actually use 2 lesser tubes each month after starting using it.

If you care about the health of your family, then you should consider Ouwe™, the new Toothbrush holder that boost your oral hygiene and declutter your messy countertop so that you have a clear, fresh start every morning!

wall mounted toothbrush holder

The ventilation flap is designed to air dry your toothbrush to eliminate inner moisture, prevent breeding of bacteria and cover from dust, providing you a dry and fluffy toothbrush ready for your next brushing!

wall mounted toothbrush holder

It can fit all sizes, from kids, common, and electric toothbrushes.

wall mounted toothbrush holder

The smart magnetic cups keep your brushing cups dry by holding them upside-down and save you valuable countertop space. The cups are heat-resistant so it's suitable for warm or hot water brushing during winter.

wall mounted toothbrush holder

Neatly stores your bathroom essentials all in 1 place; Keep floss picks, contact lens, makeup stuff, cosmetics, and other small items you can think of, in the drawer.

wall mounted toothbrush holder

A little back pocket at the end to put anything in between, such as shavers, combs and makeup brushes. Some customers even stuck a decorative flower in it, to beautify their bathroom!

wall mounted toothbrush holder

Tough, Waterproof, and large countertop shelf to organise your grooming tools, and other self care products so that you can conveniently reach them all in 1 place. Tested to withhold 6kg, it can reliably hold up your heavy essentials like soap dispenser, shaving cream, shampoo and more.

wall mounted toothbrush holder

Amazing space saver for small bathroom in apartments or even RV: Effectively holds up to 8 toothbrush, 4 cups and essentials of different sizes for small and large families. A small price to pay for a large improvement in family life.

wall mounted toothbrush holder, easy install

0% wall damage installation: No drilling of holes is required, simply stick the wall mounted toothbrush holder using the included tough wall mount sticker. It's specially designed not to leave any traces on the wall and does not rips off paint when removing, so don't worry about using it in an apartment and removing it when moving house. 

wall mounted toothbrush holder, airy

Non-toxic, high quality, smooth and exquisite design that instantly make your bathroom more elegant.

Product Specifications:
2 cups: 23cm*13.2cm*10cm, 9.05in*5.19in*3.93in
3 cups: 30cm*13.2cm*10cm, 11.81in*5.19in*3.93in
4 cups: 37cm*13.2cm*10cm, 14.57in*5.19in*3.93in


Question: Does this wall mounted toothbrush holder drop after a while? How good are the stickers?
Answer: No, it does not drop that easily. The wall mount sticker is extra tough yet does not rip off paint when removing it. If you really don't want to take any chances, just use Command strips.

Question: Can I stick it on a mirror?
Answer: Yes, and it holds up as great as a normal wall. Many customers actually stick it on a mirror.

Question: What kind of walls can I stick this wall mounted toothbrush holder on?
Answer: Bathroom tiles, concrete, wooden, marble, glass, metal, frosted glass wall.

Question: Can I put any toothpaste in this?
Answer: The toothpaste hole is universal, and we have ourselves tried to fit it with major brands in US and asian countries and it works fine. Technically, the diameter of the hole is 0.8cm, and it's made of silicone, which has proper elasticity.

Question: What happen if it comes broken or doesn't work?
Answer: We stand by our awesome customer satisfaction score(check out our reviews). Just contact us and send you a new one.

If these good questions from our customers didn't answer your questions, feel free to contact us.

Physical clutter leads to mental clutter and bombards the mind with excessive stimuli everyday, which is why you feel mentally exhausting everyday. The first step to gain more positive energy everyday and live fully, is to declutter your physical space.

The Ouwe™ is a small price to pay for the priceless benefits that you are about to yield for you and your family.

09/20 Update: Blue and Pink colors have been sold out. Limited stocks for Grey left.


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Ouwe™ Toothbrush Holder & Bathroom Space Saver
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